Rules & Discipline Policy

We are very excited to have you participate in The Summer Transition Program. Please review our basic rules.

  • Upon arrival to Drew, please sign-in with the program staff in the cafeteria.
  • Be ready to try each activity every day.
  • Students should refrain from bringing personal items from home. We are not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items.
  • Use appropriate language. No inappropriate or abusive language is permitted.
  • Respect staff and the rules they enforce at all times.
  • Report any illness, injury, or problem to any staff member.
  • Students are expected to remain under the supervision of the staff at all times. Stay with your assigned group at all times.
  • Any act of violence WILL lead to immediate removal from program.
  • No horseplay, screaming, or yelling while in the bus.
  • Please be mindful that GA Tech students are currently taking summer courses. Remember to keep your noise down at a reasonable level.

** Refusal to follow the behavior guidelines of the program will result in the immediate removal from the program.