Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Main Contact and Methods of Communication
Alba Gutierrez can be reached via email or cell. 
Google Voice- (678) 786-6984; Office Line- (404) 894-6984; Email- or

Join our Bridge to Tech Remind me message system by texting to # 81010 and typing @bridge2tec as the message.

Late Arrivals
The buses are scheduled to depart from Drew Charter - Yates Campus (301 East Lake Blvd SE, Atlanta, GA 30317) at approximately 8:15 am every morning. Please contact Alba Gutierrez via Google voice contact # to arrange an alternative drop off, if your child's anticipated arrival is after 8:15 am.  Students can be dropped off anytime between 7:45 am - 8:15 am. It is important to our program’s success that students arrive by 8:10 a.m.

Early Dismissal 
If you need to pick your child up early from the summer program, we ask that you inform our staff by emailing at least 24 hours in advance, if feasible. This will ensure that all necessary arrangements are made. The staff will have your child prepared to depart at your requested time. Remember that you are responsible for arranging transportation for your child for early dismissal. 

If your child is not going to attend for the day please report his/her absence by emailing 

Walk or Pick-Up
It is imperative that all parents indicate whether their child will be picked up by an authorized adult or given permission to walk home. To ensure a smooth check-out at the end of each day, each child will be locked into either a walk or pick up category. Please send any changes and/or adjustments to at least 12 hours in advance. Only the individuals listed on the 'Authorization Form' will be allowed to dismiss a respective child.  A picture ID is required at time of pick-up by each individual, including the child’s parent. Download the Pick-up Authorization paperwork here.

Late Pick-Up
For all children not picked up by the end of the program the following late policy will be in effect: If a parent is late exceeding 30 minutes without notice, the child will be removed from the program. A detailed breakdown of the schedule can be found in the schedule tab, but pick-up is between 3:50 pm and 4:30 pm everyday.


We strive to provide an atmosphere, which is conducive to safety and appropriate behavior. Discipline problems will not be tolerated. The Summer Transition Program is designed to be a flexible program that provides safe and appropriate care for all children attending the program.  Positive reinforcement principles will be used in disciplining children. If a child develops a discipline issue while attending the program, a conference call will be arranged between the parent and Program Coordinator. If your child needs to be disciplined, acceptable measures may include: stern verbal warnings, time-out from activity, removal from activity and placed with staff away from group, suspension from camp, and/or removal from camp. If the issue persists and affects the safety and educational enrichment of the other children in the program or the conditions of the facility or equipment, the Program Coordinator reserves the right to suspend and/or expel a child from the program.

Health and Safety 
All precautions will be taken to prevent serious heath risks to all students. In the event that a minor injury occurs, First Aid will be administered. 

In the event of a life threatening injury, the Georgia Institute of Technology police department will be called first (404) 894-2500 if on campus, 911 will be called first if off campus.  Then, the parent will be called by the staff and notified of the injury. Every effort will be made to contact the parent. If that is not possible, the persons listed for the event of emergency on the child’s registration form will be contacted as we continue to try to contact the parents/guardians.

  • By definition, a minor injury is:  insect bites (unless allergic), bruises, skinned limbs, scratches, etc.
  • By definition, a non-life threatening injury is: any emergency situation that does not require emergency medical treatment
  • By definition, a life threatening injury is: any emergency that requires 911 assistance.

Buzzcards will provided for each student to buy lunch and they are responsible for them.  They have $9 available everyday for lunch, but if they use all of their money before the week is over, please note that they will be responsible for providing lunch for themselves for the remainder of the program.  Breakfast will not be provided, so please make sure your child eats before they are dropped off in the morning.  Please provide a reusable water bottle for them to have throughout the day.

Transportation is contracted through Drew Charter School and Samson Trailways.  All students are expected to follow the rules set by both the Summer Transition staff and transportation staff.  Those who do not follow the bus rules may be removed from the bus.

What is the camp attire?
Please see the daily attire section. 

What is the price for this summer camp?
The camp is FREE.  

Personal Items 
Parents need to make sure that all personal items (i.e. book bags, water bottles, and clothes) have the child’s name written in permanent marker. Your child is responsible for any personal items (i.e.PSPs, iPods, jewelry, cell phones, etc.) they bring to the summer program. The use of electronic devices is prohibited unless instructors’ request students to use these devices as apart of their PBL project. We will not be held responsible for any personal items that are lost or stolen.